Make instant transfers
24/7 with FPS

Tap & Go is now connected to the Faster Payment System (FPS) launched by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. With FPS, you can top up instantly and make cross-platform P2P transfers in HKD or RMB between bank accounts or mobile wallet accounts* anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is register your mobile number or email address and set your Tap & Go account as default wallet to enjoy a seamless money transfer experience!

Make instant transfers 24/7 with FPS

Instant top-up from bank accounts &
cross-bank/mobile wallet P2P transfers

Instant top-up

Instant top-up:
Link your Tap & Go wallet directly to your bank account* and top up instantly whenever, wherever.

PayBuddy more connected than ever

PayBuddy more connected than ever:
Make real-time transfers in HKD or RMB
across different bank accounts and mobile
wallet accounts* from your Tap & Go wallet.
All you need is a registered phone number or email address to enjoy a truly seamless
P2P transfer experience.

* The corresponding bank or stored value facility has to support FPS simultaneously.

Secure QR code payments

Secure QR code payments

'Scan & pay' with HKQR

'Scan & pay' with HKQR:
Supporting the HKQR initiative by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, you can scan any merchant’s FPS supporting HKQR code with your Tap & Go wallet to make a swift payment.

'Scan & transfer' with a personal QR code

'Scan & transfer' with a personal QR code:
No personal information required, you can receive P2P payments simply with your own QR code.

Register to enjoy now

Go to "Menu" and pick "Settings", and click "FPS Settings".
Confirm your "default money wallet" and receive a one-time password via SMS to complete your registration!

Go to Menu and pick Settings
Click FPS Settings
Confirm your default money wallet
Set as default
Enter one-time password