Part A: Installation and activation (Download)

  1. Install and activate Tap & Go wallet
  2. Add a Tap & Go Card to your Tap & Go wallet
  3. Submit your identity documents

Part B: Pay with Tap & Go (Download)

  1. Pay with Tap & Go Card
  2. Pay with Go QR
  3. Pay with Apple Pay
  4. Pay with Google PayTM
  5. Pay bills
  6. Remittance via Western Union

Part C: Top-Up (Download)

  1. Faster Payment Service (FPS) Instant Bank Transfer
  2. Cash
    1. Top-up at 7-Eleven, Circle K or any designated outlets
    2. Top-up at HKT, 1O1O or csl outlets
    3. Top-up at Hong Kong Monetary Authority Coin Carts
  3. Financial Institution
    1. Bank of China (Hong Kong)
    2. HSBC
    3. Hang Seng Bank
    4. FWD "Online Withdrawal"

Part D: Transfer (Download)

  1. Convert Hong Kong Dollar to Renminbi and vice versa (applicable to Tap & Go UnionPay account only)

Part E: PayBuddy (Download)

  1. Remote transfer in Hong Kong Dollar
  2. Remote transfer in Renminbi (applicable to Tap & Go UnionPay account only)
  3. Through QR Code