Part A: Installation and activation (Download)

  1. Install and activate Tap & Go wallet
  2. Add a Tap & Go Card to your Tap & Go wallet
  3. Submit your identity documents

Part B: Pay with Tap & Go(Download)

  1. Pay with Tap & Go Card
  2. Pay with Go QR
  3. Pay with Apple Pay
  4. Pay with Google PayTM
  5. Pay bills
  6. Shopping at Marketplace
  7. Remittance via Western Union

Part C: Top-Up (Download)

  1. Faster Payment Service (FPS)
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Cash
    1. Top-up at 7-Eleven, Circle K or any designated outlets
    2. Top-up at HKT, 1O1O or csl outlets
    3. Top-up at HEYCOINS kiosks
    4. Top-up at Hong Kong Monetary Authority Coin Carts
  4. Financial Institution
    1. Bank of China (Hong Kong)
    2. Dah Sing Bank credit card
    3. HSBC
    4. Hang Seng Bank
    5. FWD “Online Withdrawal”

Part D: Transfer (Download)

  1. WConvert Hong Kong Dollar to Renminbi and vice versa (applicable to Tap & Go UnionPay account only)

Part E: PayBuddy (Download)

  1. Remote transfer in Hong Kong Dollar
  2. Remote transfer in Renminbi (applicable to Tap & Go UnionPay account only)
  3. Through QR Code