About Tap & Go

About Tap & Go

A smart and stylish mobile payment experience

Tap & Go is a modern prepaid mobile wallet for customers of 11 years old or older. Users can make payment virtually anywhere in the world via a QR code or Apple Pay and Google Pay*. Simply download and pay your way through every day.

*only applies to MasterCard®


Tap & Go is compatible with MasterCard® Contactless and UnionPay QuickPass restaurants, supermarkets and other retail outlets.

Online purchase

Tap & Go’s prepaid methodology grants complete control of your account’s value when making online purchases.


Make instant peer-to-peer money transfers and benefit from a bill-sharing function.


Learn to manage your finances while still young.

Working in collaboration with HKT education and local schools, Tap & Go combines mobile payment methodology with smart campus management systems. This enables parents to use Tap & Go to pay school fees and view status via an Internet platform. The result is simplified payment and collection procedures.

Dual currency

Instant RMB money exchange.
(Applicable to Tap & Go UnionPay card only)

Tight security

Password protection and alerts protect every single transaction and transference of money. A battery of security features keeps you safe.

Enjoy safer and easier shopping, thanks to a variety of security features.

Tap & Go’s prepaid methodology grants complete control of your account’s purchase value and balance, while allowing users to opt for the security features they require.

Transaction alerts

In-app alerts or SMS are triggered by any transaction or transfer instruction (including online transactions). And your transaction history is always readily available, so you can keep track.

Password protection

Double security is provided by a pre-set PIN or fingerprint authentication* for payment, along with your smartphone’s screen-lock.

security settings

Functions such as online purchase and auto top-up are available, complete with on/off mode for maximum security.

Advanced security

Transactions are protected by double authentication cryptographic verification of account and POS.

Loss report

Your Tap & Go account will be suspended immediately if you report your smartphone lost1 via designated channels. You can also contact our international toll-free hotline for assistance.

*Only with compatible touch ID iPhone.