Tap & Go1 is Hong Kong's first mobile wallet to incorporate both Mastercard® and UnionPay card schemes to support payments online and around the globe. Being the-first-of-its-kind platform, making a purchase with your mobile wallet has never been easier.

The Tap & Go wallet can be downloaded and activated on smartphones2 and is designed to pay online and offline retailers that accept Mastercard or UnionPay3.

You can take charge of your spending with the prepaid mode.

Everyone, ages 11 or above, can activate Tap & Go wallet.

1 Tap & Go Payment Service (“Tap & Go”) is subject to Terms & Conditions.
2 iOS 10.3 / Android 5.0 or above
3 Currently only available with a Tap & Go UnionPay physical card. Apple Pay service is available for Tap & Go UnionPay accounts.

Download, Tap and Go

The i.Card is Tap & Go's virtual card that can be downloaded instantly and supports real-time payments with your phone. Top up anytime, anywhere to enjoy this seamless and secure payment experience. Add the i.Card to your Apple Pay Wallet4or Google Pay4to start shopping with your smartphone.

4 Now supports Tap & Go Mastercard and UnionPay via Apple Pay; Google Pay is currently only compatible with Tap & Go Mastercard.

Pay your way through China

Now, you can explore the extra mile by settling payments in Hong Kong and China with your Tap & Go UnionPay. Enjoy instant flexibile conversion between HKD and RMB to discover the best of both places, and shop till you drop!

You can swap between HKD and RMB in your Tap & Go UnionPay account.
Add your Tap & Go UnionPay to Apple Pay for instant & fast payments.

Tap, Scan and Pay

Let your Tap & Go wallet take care of all kinds of payment methods!

Tap & Pay

Tap & Go works on Apple Pay and Google Pay. Simply add your Tap & Go i.Card or physical card to your Apple Pay Wallet4 or Google Pay4 to shop securely in apps, on the web, and in designated stores5.

Scan & Pay

You can also pay with your Tap & Go wallet by scanning the “Go QR” code or the FPS supporting “HKQR” code. Now you can also add Tap & Go UnionPay card in UnionPay App6 , and shop at ease in any local, mainland China and overseas merchants with terminals supporting UnionPay QR Code.

4 Now supports Tap & Go Mastercard and UnionPay via Apple Pay; Google Pay is currently only compatible with Tap & Go Mastercard.
5 Please visit Apple's or Google's websites for the lists of retailers that accept Apple Pay or Google Pay.
6 This service is subject to the respective terms and conditions of Tap & Go and UnionPay App. Please visit UnionPay’s website and UnionPay App for the list of merchants that accept UnionPay QR Code and the terms and conditions of UnionPay App.

Shop Online

Shopping online is such a breeze when you can purchase from a plethora of retailers accepting Mastercard and UnionPay. Tap & Go's prepaid mode gives you absolute peace of mind and control over your spending.


Tap & Go is now connected to the Faster Payment System (FPS) launched by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. All you need is a registered phone number or email address to enjoy a truly seamless P2P transfer experience anytime, anywhere.

Transfer easy with QR codes — now you can send money instantly by scanning your friend's QR code7.

Splitting the bill has never been easier with the 'Share Bill' function in your Tap & Go wallet. Prompt your friends with a message and get paid wherever you are!

7 The corresponding bank or stored value facility mobile application has to support both the QR code and P2P function, and facilitate the related arrangement.


Keep a close eye on your household expenses. Learn more about your children's spending habits to teach them the value of money early on!

Tap & Go collaborates with HKT education to introduce our mobile payment system into smart school campuses. This allows parents to pay school fees with their Tap & Go wallets, while schools can track such payments online. The streamlined process is easy-to-use and the smarter way to pay for school!

Spending and Receiving summary at a glance!

With the dashboard function, you will know more about the distribution of your spending and receiving8.

Photos for reference only

Spending and Receiving summary at a glance!

With the dashboard function, you will know more about the distribution of your spending and receiving8.

8 Disclaimer

  • Only transactions which have been posted to your account will be included in your dashboard. Some payments may take longer than usual to be processed, so they may not be immediately reflected on your dashboard.
  • The summaries on your dashboard may be subject to adjustments pending the results of payment processing.
  • The categories are determined based on Tap & Go’s merchant list and merchant codes issued by MasterCard Asia / Pacific (Hong Kong) Limited and China UnionPay.
  • The categories are subject to change from time to time.
  • All information displayed on your dashboard is for reference only and should not be treated as transaction history. For detailed transaction history, please refer to the History section of Tap & Go wallet.

Photos for reference only

Remittances around the world

Simply download the Western Union mobile app to make transfers with Tap & Go. You can wire money to more than 200 countries, covering all major bank accounts and mobile wallets. The recipient no longer needs a local bank account to collect the wired cash, they can simply visit one of the 525,000 participating outlets for a seamless and efficient experience.

From now until 30 April 2020, use Tap & Go via Western Union to make free overseas transfers.

*The maximum transaction amount is HK$7,500 per transaction. Western Union reserves the right to limit the principal amount of a money transfer, or to reject a proposed money transfer, in its sole discretion. For details, please refer to  https://www.westernunion.com/hk/en/legal/terms-conditions.html.

Photos are for reference only

Photos for reference only

Multifaceted security
at your fingertips

Stay on top of your expenses with Tap & Go's prepaid mode, which gives you complete control of your account.
Turn on extra security features for greater peace of mind.

Shop at ease with
the security
Authorise your payment
with a PIN or fingerprint
authentication9, besides
your lock screen security

Keep track and get on
top of
your spending
Get a notification for any
transaction or transfer,
including online transactions.
Enjoy full access to your transaction history to
spend smarter.

security settings
You can decide whether
you want to keep functions,
such as online purchase
and auto top-up, on or off.
Turn them on for
maximum security.

State-of-the-art security Your account and POS terminals are protected by two-factor authentication and verified cryptographic security.

Loss report We will suspend your
Tap & Go account as
soon as you report your
device lost or stolen. Contact
us via the designated channels10
or call our international toll-
free hotline for assistance.

9 Only compatible with Apple's Touch ID of iPhone 5s and newer models
10 Your Tap & Go account will be suspended immediately once you report your smartphone lost to HKT Payment Limited / 1O1O / csl. You don't have to call Tap & Go service hotline. If you would like to report loss of Tap & Go card, please call our service hotline (852) 2888 0000. For card replacement charges, please refer to the fee table.