How to top up

Top up via Flexi Money – Flexi Flash


Top up your Tap & Go wallet with Flexi Flash installment plan!

Instant top up in a few steps

  1. Select "Flexi"
  2. Redirect to HKT Flexi App (Download from App Store/Google Play Store if not installed)
  3. Select "Flexi Money"
  4. Agree to set up Tap & Go wallet as loan drawdown channel
  5. Select "Apply now" under Flexi Flash to complete loan application
Select "Flexi" Redirect to HKT Flexi App

Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don't pay any intermediaries.

Enquiry and Complaint Hotline: 2888 2258

HKT Flexi Limited
Money Lender's Licence Number: 0866/2021